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A good wedding planner will help you save money, time and stress; not make you spend more.

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1. Decide on what you might need help with (What could be made easier for you? What is worrying you? Try our Frequently Asked Questions too)

2. Get together some ideas if you can (lists, description of ideal day, Pinterest board, magazine cuttings etc but dont worry if you have no clue!)

3. Check out our testimonials to see how others used our services for their day (or find ♦ for examples of each service below). 

4. Contact us to talk / email through the options to suit you.



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Our Prices

Each quote is tailored to suit your budget and needs. Prices start at £80 and you can choose to pay monthly instead of one lump sum. This allows flexibility throughout planning.  


Popping the Question

You have decided to ask your partner to marry you, you have thought through the options but still you cant decide on how to do it...

Using a number of ideas that have been collected through romantic research, we can offer some suggestions for the big question. This can just give you the finishing touch to your plans or help make the whole thing happen! You know your partner best but we know surprises and how to keep a secret! Why not just ask and see if we can inspire the most wonderful and memorable idea you have ever had? 

What happens? - Via telephone or email, we start by getting to know who you both are and what you are hoping for. Each element is talked about then we join the dots. We can create a list of tasks (or let you know how much it will be for us to do them) and help get the 'yes' you are looking for! 

Consultation & Advice Sessions - MOST POPULAR 

♦ Testimonials - Hayley & Kieran, Beckie & Chris

Maybe you only need a consultation to help you get started, focusing on whatever you would like to. You might need some assistance with time management, budget management, sourcing information or creating your checklists. Price includes a written summary of the meeting including identified ‘must do’s’.

If you have slightly more to go through, perhaps a three hour consultation could help you bring everything together. We will work with you to make sure everything is prepared and nothing has been forgotten in the build up to the big day, we will help you prepare a plan of action for the days leading up to your wedding and on the day itself. 

What happens? - We start by getting to know who you are and what you are hoping for. Each element of the celebration is talked about then we join the dots. We can create a list of outstanding tasks, suppliers that may be worth speaking to and ideas still to be finalised. Many couples are really grateful for this service, it is the most popular currently, as it helps clarify what is going to happen and what to focus on. Still unsure if this is the option for you? Please get in touch here.

Get Going Package

Newly engaged or just starting to get the planning into gear? Need a hand just getting going with it all? Not sure where to begin? I can offer the following help which assists you in the steps ahead. We can cover everything so that planning starts in the best possible way... organised, prepared and happy!

  • 3 Hour Consultation - Meet informally to discuss everything from decor ideas, budget, supplier options and choosing the important details to feeling stressed, family complications and ceremony legalities etc etc!
  • Wedding Design - A mood board created with your ideas to help you see what the wedding could look like and help you stick to the theme.
  • Venue / Supplier Searches - Guidance on finding the right venue for you, very important first decision, or help choosing perfect suppliers for your dream day.

Wedding Venue Search

Finding a wedding venue is for most couples one of the most stressful and time consuming tasks. Some things to think about include:

  •  Number of guests, Menu’s, Accommodation, Location, Accessibility, Décor…

To get some advice on local venues, just drop us an email. We will need a few details with which to narrow the search but we dont mind assisting for free. If you then need some guidance while viewing your top selections, we can arrange the appointments and even come with you if required. If you then struggle with the finer details of booking, we can lend a hand and make the process easier. 

Wedding Design

A well thought out design concept can make the difference between a great wedding and a fabulous one! We meet with you to discuss your wedding day ideas and to identify any aspects of your lifestyle and personality that could be built-in to the design. From here, we’ll work out three bespoke design ideas for your celebration and produce mood boards and floor plans. Each theme will outline a colour scheme and give suggestions for venue decoration, accessories, floral arrangements and any other quirky features.

Bridal Shopping Service

So many styles to choose from, so many colours, cuts, materials… why not take the stress out of deciding what to wear and how to piece your ideal look together...

We can accompany you for a day to choose a wedding dress, shoes and accessories which not only suits you, but also brings out the best in you, complimenting your colouring, body shape, proportions and characteristics. It may be necessary to suit the Bride to the theme or vice versa, either is important to the feel on the day for the bride. For an extra supplement, why not let us organize a full day of fun for the Bride and two guests including two course lunch and a spa treatment!

Four or Six Week Liberation 

♦ Testimonials - Nicola & Daryl, Nicky & Mike

A service suitable for if you have done most of the hard work but want to enjoy the exciting build up to the wedding rather than getting stressed.

Six weeks before the big day we’ll meet with you to extensively discuss your event. From here we’ll:

  • Go through your plans so far while checking any problem areas and look into solutions.
  • Use our database of contacts to find any suppliers still required.
  • Complete the wedding day schedule which will be shared amongst suppliers.
  • Contact all suppliers regarding the day’s arrangements.
  • Provide email and telephone support.
  • Decorate your venue & put all the finishing touches in place.
  • Attend on the day to ensure everything goes smoothly and to act as a point of contact for guests and suppliers.

On the Day Assistance / Wedding Management

♦ Testimonials - Aaron & Georgina, Amy & James, Becky & Guy, Mahee & Girish, Sarah & Jorge

When all the plans are coming together nicely, how would you like someone to ensure the big day goes well? We can take the reins and coordinate the day for you so you can relax and enjoy yourselves! - Time keeping, trouble shooting, supplier coordination, guest communications and generally keeping the event calm and happy!

Tried & tested, this is a great way of taking the stress away. After meeting you before hand, we can get in touch with all the suppliers involved including the venue. They are then made aware that on the day, they must only concern us with any queries. You are then left to take it all in!

Full Wedding Planning & Co-ordination

Including initial design meeting, regular meetings throughout the planning process, comprehensive supplier searches, reports presenting details of top 3 – 5 suppliers matching your requirements at each stage, time management, budget management and on the day co-ordination.

For the itemized list of services provided for the full wedding, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.